Pre-Kindergarten For All

NYC Department of Education

The significance of New York’s large-scale investment in Pre-K for all and early literacy, can hardly be overstated. Studies have shown that children who have been enrolled in high-quality pre-K programs—in classrooms led by skilled and knowledgeable teachers—have long-term positive outcomes on their future academic and even post-academic lives.

Miller’s multi-cultural media strategy and planning approach to grow Pre-K enrollment targets parents with young children who speak 9 languages including English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Spanish, Urdu and more. Using a mix of social media and streaming audio advertising, the City now has over 70,000 students enrolled, making NYC the largest city wide pre-kindergarten initiative in the country.

Based on the success of the Pre-K program, Miller’s assignments now include 3-K rollout, Head Start and finding new teachers for pilot areas.


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